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Thursday, July 21, 2005

vegetarian hot dogs?

Rocky Beans and franks go vegetarian

I had a piece of tofurkey once on Thanksgiving, courtesy of my wacko sister and her friends and I didn't like it one bit. Why do people keep reaffirming this notino that vegetarians want their food to look like meat?

The Naked Vegetarian

The Naked Vegetarian

First Chris Martin gets chosen as the world's sexiest vegetarian and now this. I should just quit this blog now. I can't compete. :)

vegetarian restaurant count by city (according to citysearch)

So I decided to try something out... I was interested in how many vegetarian restaurants were listed in Citysearch for different major U.S. cities. Here are the results:

New York, 104
Los Angeles, 85
Chicago, 81
Boston, 60
San Francisco, 55
Philadelphia, 33
Atlanta, 29
Austin, 29
Portland, 29
Houston, 28
Seattle, 25
Twin Cities, 23
Raleigh-Durham Area (RTP), 22
Detroit, 19
San Jose, 17
Denver, 14
Phoenix, 14
San Antonio, 13
Nashville, 11
Dallas, 5

What do you think of the list above?

UK version of the FDA takes labeling of vegetarian food seriously

It seems that the UK version of the FDA, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) takes vegetarian food a bit more seriously than they do here in the United States. Actually I say that even though I have no idea whether the FDA gives any attention to vegetarian food labeling. Reading more about it, it's quite interesting -- there's evidently a group in the UK, the vegetarian society that has, among other things, a marking program for vegetarian foods and they have more than 3000 different "V" marked foods on the shelf in the UK! This is very cool, I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that there are so many Indian expats in the UK (they are the largest ethnic minority in the UK not to mention that I've heard lots of poeple jokingly say that curry is a national dish in the UK).

Chris Martin, world's sexiest vegetarian

Evidently PETA has decided that Chris Martin, husband to Gwyneth Paltrow and frontman for Coldplay, is the world's sexiest vegetarian.